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To all of our employees at Green Family Stores,

First of all I would like to thank you for being part of our Green Family! As some of you already know, we have our own independent insurance agency. Green Family Insurance offers auto, home, life, health and commercial insurance. We have relationships with many preferred carriers like, AAA, Nationwide, Travelers, Metlife, Liberty Mutual and many more.

Do me a favor and let one of our Green Family Insurance representatives give you a quote on your insurance needs. If they can save you some money, great! It will only take a few minutes and there is no pressure.

Many of our employees have already signed up and saved tons of money. Corley Lee has put a great team together and is ready to offer you an insurance quote and advise you on any additional coverage you may need. Give them a call at 217-953-0030. If they are able to help you out, please refer your friends and family to them to see if they can help them as well. I’m sure you’ll appreciate what they can do for you. They really care about the customers.

Remember, it’s all about relationships and taking care of the customer (and our employees!) Thanks for what you do, and let’s continue to do great things together!

Todd Green